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At AIRIA we understand consultancy as a key professional service to help organizations and firms cover their needs and reach their goals, ...

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AIRIA achieves through techniques, designs, models and the scientific knowledge solve all the questions related to the engineering in the airport field.

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AIRIA multidisciplinary team is composed of architects, engineers, CAD and BIM experts, QA and environment technicians that have developed construction projects in ...

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Airport services are the blood of an airport as they impulse all the movement in them. From the passenger entertainment establishments to ...

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Latest News

Boeing KC46 N884BA
Sixth Boeing KC-46A in flight
Posted by Airia at 28 Jun, 2017

El pasado día 29 de abril Boeing puso en vuelo el sexto cisterna KC-46A, el segundo avión del primer lote de producción a bajo ritmo “Ampliando la capacidad para completar ...

Airbus Beluga XL
Airbus Beluga XL even more Beluga
Posted by Airia at 28 Jun, 2017

Mientras en Toulouse se está construyendo el primer Airbus Beluga XL, el fabricante ha llevado acabo un concurso entre sus empleados para elegir la decoración de los cinco aviones que ...

Fabrica Breitling
CVC Capital Partners purchase 80% of Breitling
Posted by Airia at 28 Jun, 2017

La firma relojera suiza Breitling anuncia que ha llegado a un acuerdo con el fondo de inversión británico CVC Capital Partners por el que CVC habría adquirido una participación del 80% ...


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