At AIRIA we understand consultancy as a key professional service to help organizations and firms cover their needs and reach their goals, fulfilling the demands which have arisen from their corporate mission. Our consultants’ know-how will be at your disposal in order to achieve your objectives.


Our expertise in the aviation market guarantees success in answering our clients’ with comprehensive solutions and new ideas that will satisfy their expectations.

Consultancy has evolved in AIRIA to a variety of fields through business development and it has materialized in these main associated products:


  • Legal, Administrative and Management counseling: Open to traffic Authorization – Aeronautical Facility Authorizations, Airspace obstruction analysis, Noise Abatement procedures, Facility Certification, Operational Security, Aeronautical Legislation, etc.
  • Economic Analysis: Business plans, Privatization and concessions studies, Economical-Financial models, Exploitation and Management models, Pricing policies, etc.
  • Commercial studies: Commercial and Marketing studies, Product and Brand designs, Corporate Image manuals, Travel Retail Quality Control, Real Estate developments, Market research, etc.