Waste management

AIRIA develops waste management studies according to the new model that the European Commission wants to introduce on its structural economic strategy Europe 2020: Circular Economy applied to waste management or Zero Waste, as it is also known.


Besides environmental regulations compliance, an adequate waste management reduces costs while it stands as an opportunity for obtaining resources that can be used as raw materials.


  • Waste management assessments focused on regulations compliance, waste and costs reduction.
  • Construction and demolition waste management.
  • Minimization of dangerous waste.
  • Design of waste disposal plants.

Main References:

  • Design of waste disposal plant for a vehicles maintenance centre at Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid. (Spain).
  • Waste reduction assessment in ten airports of Aena network. (Spain)
  • Waste generation study in Malaga airport for the dimensioning of the temporary waste disposal plant. (Spain)